Tell us what’s on your mind. We listen.

We Listen provides calls with trained listeners. Call us to talk through your relationship issues, work and family problems, or whatever is on your mind.

Research shows that talking helps

Talking it through relieves stress and anger. Explaining the situation helps you understand it better. We support you to make changes and take decisions.

Talk to someone now

Call 0800 193 5478 (0800-1-we-listen) to connect with a trained listener.

Call us anytime

Talk for as long or as little as you want. Your first call is free.

Prefer text?

Text “Hello” to 0745 120 1903 to connect to a listener.

UPDATE: We are offering discounted services to NHS staff in response to Covid-19. Learn more here.

Call us on 0800 193 4578 or text “Hello” to 0745 120 1903 to get started.

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